How A Property Management Company Benefits The Renter

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DIY Tip: Save On Your Water Bill – Adjusting the Tank and Water Level in a Toilet

When something goes wrong at the space you’re renting, is your first thought to call the property management company? This DIY series may save you both time and money. Some repairs may not be as complicated as you think, involving only minor steps that you can take to resolve the situation. Here’s the next DIY [...]

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Don’t Get Scammed When Looking For Your Next Rental

Are you getting ready to move out of the house and get your first apartment? Maybe changing jobs and looking for a new rental closer to work? Or simply changing your living quarters? This can be an exciting, and stressful time. Of course you want to find the best deal and get a great place, [...]

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How Do I Get Out Of My Lease?

So what do you do when the rental location is in the perfect place, the price is reasonable, and the property is in great condition but due to unforeseen circumstances, you find that you have to relocate and break your lease? Though it’s never fun to break an agreement there are some steps you can [...]

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12 Seasonal Maintenance Tips For Tenants

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Renter tips and resources for natural disaster preparation

Natural disasters can strike at any time. Depending where you live the likelihood of certain natural disasters change. The west may be prone to earthquakes, the midwest to tornadoes, the east coast to hurricanes, and flooding can occur anywhere. No matter the disaster certain preparations remain the same. Preparations should include the following: 1) Know [...]

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